Why Hiring Good Sales People is so Hard

hiring good sales people

Hiring good sales people is a huge challenge. It is also very costly. According to The DePaul University Centre for Sales Leadership, hiring good sales people costs around $114,957 when training and other expenses are factored in.

This makes it very expensive if your new salesperson does not work out. Yet it has been shown to happen in 50% of cases where a candidate was successful in a prior role. So why is it so hard to hire good salespeople?

One problem is that salespeople are exactly that: salespeople. It is pretty easy for them to sell themselves at interview because that is what they’re good at. A more fundamental problem is that our assumptions of what makes a good salesperson may be wrong. Many assume that good salespeople are extroverted. However, research by the Wharton School of Business has shown this assumption to be incorrect. Ambiverts – those who are somewhere between introverts and extroverts – make 24% more revenue than extroverts.

Identify your ambiverts

Identifying ambiverts that can succeed with sales is the key to success. The McQuaig Psychometric System can help pinpoint this personality type. While this is just one aspect of personality, it seems like it may be the most important in predicting sales success.

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