Introducing McQuaig Knowledge Centre

The McQuaig Knowledge Centre is the total one-stop-support-shop for all things McQuaig. How and when to use the tools, getting started and making the most out of your investment in McQuaig.

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What is The McQuaig Knowledge Centre?

McQuaig Knowledge Centre is a full support system for all McQuaig users. McQuaig Zendesk provides an encyclopaedia of knowledge to help you use every tool to its best advantage. This will help you to make the most out of your investment in this powerful platform throughout the employee life-cycle.

We suggest that all users who intend to take part in McQuaig Level 1 Foundation training should spend some time in the McQuaig Knowledge to familiarise themselves with the concepts and terminology in advance of their workshop. Existing users will also find it valuable to read through the McQuaig Knowledge Centre content to refresh their knowledge, fill gaps and discover new tools and techniques that they may not be aware of.

The Basics
New users learn how to get up to speed quickly. They will gain a full background to the tools, providing a solid starting point from which to develop their skills in using McQuaig. This helps to make sure all your users really understand how it works and answers the most frequently asked questions right at the beginning of their McQuaig experience.

Account Management
Administration users gain the knowledge to easily reset passwords, edit their users and create groups. The team at Holst is always ready to help but we know clients like to be self-sufficient and in control of their platform.

Here, administration users will find the information to implement, manage and help streamline workflow integrations when using McQuaig with an ATS or HRIS platform.

Hiring: Creating or Editing Job Profiles
Understand the basics of benchmark management, how to create, edit and delete a job profile.

Hiring: Assessing Candidates
Understand the different types of assessments and how to administer them.

Hiring: Understanding the Results
Understand the different reports, how to generate them, what to send to hiring managers and candidates, and the basics of interpretation.

Hiring: Comparing Candidates
Learn how to use McQuaig to compare candidates against a job profile or an existing employee.

Employee Development
Understand how to use the McQuaig Self Development Survey™ for employee development.

Leadership Development
Understand how to use the McQuaig 360 Leadership Review to develop your leaders and support your succession planning strategy.

Team Building
Understand how McQuaig supports team effectiveness and development. Use the team report in your in-house McQuaig Effective Teams workshop.

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