You will always get more value with us: 

  • More included reports than anyone else.
  • More included options for recruitment and development.
  • More on-hand expertise.


More included reports than anyone else

You get access to all assessments and reports as we don’t charge ‘per section’. If you’ve used psychometrics before you may have paid on a credit system e.g. 6 credits for an overview, 4 for a leadership profile. This leads to confusion and, ultimately, higher budget spend.

Our Unlimited Access Package is simple. You get access to everything we have to offer for one, fixed, rate per annum. This means you’ll still have all-you-can-eat psychometric assessments, even if you run out of budget with a few months of the year to go.

“Our Unlimited Access means we can use McQuaig with no additional cost when other companies are cutting back.”

Helen Rust, Head of Learning & Development, Caffé Nero


More included options for recruitment and development

The McQuaig Psychometric System is unique in that you get access to tools to help benchmark, recruit, develop and retain = your stars. This allows you to use one psychometric assessment across the whole employee lifecycle.

Our Unlimited Access+ Package has the same all-you-can-eat psychometric assessments but goes even further with loads of in-house training for your HR teams and line managers.


More on-hand expertise.

As one client put it, “It’s nice not to receive an invoice every time I pick up the phone”. We will support you from the beginning and we don’t charge any extra.

We will support you to embed McQuaig into your organisation. This helps you develop a common language amongst your employees.

“I’d also say that McQuaig themselves add a lot of value – in analysis and collation of results and in contributing to meetings and sessions. We’ve got more people trained up in the system so, in that sense, we’re self-sufficient, but it’s good to have some messages from the publishers to build credibility.”

Robert Goate, Head of Learning & Development, BPP Professional Education