About us

Established in 1984 and the first international partner for The McQuaig Institute®, Holst has a history of helping our clients benchmark, recruit, develop and retain their strongest asset, the right people.

Our culture and reputation for reliability has attracted a client base we are proud of. We have a commitment to quality and we fully guarantee our work.

We are experts in McQuaig. Published in 1967 by The McQuaig Institute® it was developed on the premise that individuals have characteristic levels of various personality dimensions that are fairly constant from one situation to another.

Moreover, work behaviour is viewed as largely a function of the complimentary match or congruence between the individual’s personality style and psychological working environment.

We bring McQuaig psychometric testing to the UK and the world.

In 1992 Holst was chosen by Dr Edward de Bono, the world’s leading authority on creativity and innovation, to represent him in UK, Ireland & Europe.

Workshops include Six Thinking Hats® and Lateral Thinking

In 2000 we added three leading edge products to combat the growing need for simple, clear communication:

In 2013 we recognised the need for organisations to be financial literate. We searched the market and found a genuinely different training programme:

We will always give our clients more value!