McQuaig is made up of nine tools. There are multiple reports included in your Annual Licence package.

Some tools are available in multiple languages

The Job Analysis

The McQuaig Job Analysis is a stakeholder discussion document that identifies the key factors required for a role.

The Job Survey

The McQuaig Job Survey® helps managers, stakeholders and recruiters quickly define behavioural needs of a role.

The Word Survey

The McQuaig Word Survey® measures core personality traits and how a person is behaving in their current role.

The Job Fit Interview Guide

A practical report to help managers interview better. It gives list of targeted, role-specific interviewing questions.

The Mental Agility Test

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test® measures speed of thought, general mental agility and several key components of ‘intelligence’ .

The Self-Development Survey

The McQuaig Self-Development Survey™ creates a comprehensive development plan based on an individual’s natural temperament.

The 360 Leadership Review

The McQuaig 360 Leadership Review asks peers, managers and direct reports to review their leader, not score them.

The Comparison Report

Compare temperamental profiles of candidates to gain a point of reference in a recruiting or promoting conversation.

Team Effectiveness

Plot the different profiles of your team to understand the spread of behavioural traits both in the real and situational.