Onboarding Starts Pre-Hire

Getting onboarding right is extremely beneficial for your company. It has been shown to improve performance levels by up to 11% (SmartHRInc). But did you know that onboarding actually begins pre-hire?

Most hiring managers think that onboarding starts post-hire, but at McQuaig, we have found that greater success can be achieved through what you do at this early stage of the process.

Pre-Hire Onboarding

Every step of the journey, including how you ask candidates to apply and how you treat them during the process all impacts successful onboarding. The way that you interact with potential hires tells them a lot about your brand and how you treat people. At this early stage you create first impressions that are likely to stick, so it is important to get this right. Introducing some simple steps can help here.

Introduce the McQuaig 4-Step Plan, including using the McQuaig Job Survey to measure candidates, to better identify candidates that are more likely to succeed in roles. In other words, make sure you onboard the right people in the first place.

Download our new onboarding eBook where we explain how this can be done.

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