Nigel Evans

Nigel Evans

Nigel Evans is a leading business psychologist. He is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist (The British Psychological Society) and holds a Masters degree in Organisational Psychology from the University of Bristol.

Nigel has a long standing working partnership with The McQuaig Psychometric System. We are proud to draw on his depth of experience with major UK and global organisations – Aviva, Sony and Novartis to name just a few. Nigel is a the author of the McQuaig 360 Leadership Review.

As a recognised expert in both the training and practice of psychometrics, Nigel plays an influential role in the evolution of assessment and development processes. He holds the highest Occupational Test Registration issued by the British Psychological Society and serves on the executive board of The Psychological Test Centre.

Nigel is a sought-after speaker, speaking around the world on a wide variety of matters surrounding the use and practice of psychometrics.


Dr Rick D. Hackett

Dr Rick Hackett is the author of The McQuaig Mental Agility Test Technical Manual, the McQuaig Full Technical Manual and a more concise version.

He is a professor of Human Resources and Management at McMaster University in Canada as well as a Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association and a Canadian Research Chair in Organizational Behaviour and Human Performance.

His interest in executive assessment and leadership stems from his doctorate at Ohio’s Bowling Green State University where he was involved in a leadership assessment centre. He went on to specialise in executive/managerial assessment, leadership, HR recruitment,testing, selection, work attitudes, absenteeism and performance assessment.

His career includes work with leading global employers, delivering workshops and talks on leading effective teams, HR best practices, resources planning and utilisation.

Having held executive positions in industry, Rick relishes his move into academia. He believes that it gives him the autonomy and infrastructure to continue his research while teaching pushes him to develop deeper understanding. His position with one foot in academia and the other in business allows him to travel globally. This means that he has the opportunity to learn more about leaders and their followers. He thrives on the challenge to apply this newly acquired knowledge to the benefit of organisations and their employees.


Zircon Management Consulting

Zircon is an award winning Business Psychology Company and our occupational psychologist partner organisation. Zircon specialises in Talent Management, Talent Consulting, Talent Assessment, Executive Coaching, Team Development and Engagement.


Dr Amanda Potter B.ScM.ScCPsychol, AFBPSs PhD

Amanda is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with 17 years experience and is Managing Director of Zircon, our occupational psychologist partner organisation.Amanda has international experience working at board level with blue chip clients. Amanda has been involved with talent system design and implementation since 1993 and takes an innovative approach to assessment, development and succession planning. Her project work has focused on the following areas: talent identification and assessment, succession planning, performance management, executive coaching, development planning and talent process validation.

Amanda is an Associate Fellow of the Division of Occupational Psychology within the British Psychological Society (BPS) and is both a Chartered Scientist and a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. She holds her Level A and Level B Certificates in Occupational Testing and is also a Level A and B trainer.


Julie Lee B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc.

Julie is an occupational psychologist with a 20 years experience in banking, lecturing, training and consultancy. She has worked with a diverse range of organisations in the retail, financial, government, charity, education and food service.

She has a very energetic and positive style and is adept at taking on board the needs of the client. She specialises in selection, assessment and development and is particularly interested in Emotional Intelligence and has been involved in the development, validation and implementation of an ‘EQ’ scale.

Julie has been involved in Assessment/Development Centre design and implementation, competency modelling, 360 design, as well as providing and facilitating a range of training programmes.

Her other specialism is coaching. Julie has international experience and has worked with organisations across Europe, the US and Asia. Julie is a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and she is a verified level A and B trainer.


Sarah Linton BA (Hons)

Before moving to Zircon, Sarah worked for Hays Recruitment Accountancy Personnel a FTSE 100 company for 5 years overseeing the recruitment processes for both the Ipswich and Colchester offices.

Her experience and expertise is in the area of in depth assessment for Director level appointments, career development, succession planning, designing and delivering assessment centres, conducting outplacement counselling and career planning and campaign management.

Sarah graduated from Middlesex University in 1995 with a BA Honours degree in Business Studies. She is a trained competency interviewer and assessment centre assessor and she has completed her Level A and Level B Certificate in Occupational Assessment.