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What is McQuaig?

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McQuaig is easy to use, online and written for non-psychologists.

It builds competence when you:

  • Benchmark a role internally.
  • Recruit to the requirements of that role.
  • Develop your people based on their strengths.
  • Retain your stars.

McQuaig will support you across all your recruitment campaigns. It is relevant for graduate, executive and high volume recruits. It will support all your important people decisions.

Psychometric testing increases the chances of getting people decisions right.

There are many implications including cost, impact on culture, time-wasted, morale and lost time when a recruit goes wrong. Let us show you how we can significantly reduce the risk.

McQuaig includes nine tools:

The McQuaig Word Survey®
Personality profiling tool with 10 included reports.

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test®
Measures speed and accuracy of thought.

The McQuaig Job Analysis®
Encourages consensus on the needs of the role.

The McQuaig Job Survey®
Internal benchmarking and job definition tools with 6 reports.

The McQuaig Job-Fit Interview Guide
A complete guide for a structured interview full of behavioural based questions based on the candidate’s profile.

The McQuaig Self Development Survey™
Self-development and coaching tool tailored to the individual.

McQuaig 360 Leadership Review
Peers, managers and direct reports review their leader, not score them. It creates a concise report that drives action.

The McQuaig Comparison Report
Guide conversations and enable action around recruitment and team development.

The McQuaig Team Effectiveness Report
Identify areas of development and to understand what makes your teams strong.

We are Holst

It’s our vision that ever workplace can be an effective workplace based on the four key principles of strong leadership, resilient culture, focus on people and future looking.

We use McQuaig to help you develop your effective workplace – to better understand your people, their strengths, weaknesses and areas for development. When you fully understand the individuals in your organisation, you can build happy and healthy teams. These teams will ultimately deliver the results that your organisation needs.