Psychometric testing for sales success.

Psychometric testing for sales success.

What behaviours achieve sales success? Tenacity, empathy, initiative and drive are some of the qualities you look for.

Of course there are many different factors that determine the preferred behaviours. For instance:

  • Is it a new business role?
  • How long is the sales cycle
  • Is it a complex or technical sale?

But what if you could take the behaviours for your specific sales role and create the profile of the perfect Salesperson?

Well, you can. Psychometric assessment makes this achievable and is more commonplace now that sales organisations realise how assessment can actually improve the bottom line.

The innate behaviours that determine a new hire’s success may only become apparent after several months in the job. Psychometric testing can measure these important behavioural traits before any job offer is made.

Also by knowing what makes the new hire tick from day one, organisations can deliver improved management, on-boarding and training tailored to their individual learning style for example.

A benefit for the Salesperson is increased self-awareness. A better understanding of how their behaviour impacts on others improves their ability to build effective relationships.

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At McQuaig Psychometric System we have clients across all the main business sectors. They apply psychometric testing to improve sales in the recruitment, development and retention of sales staff.

Psychometric test for sales people

The recruitment process starts with the creation of a benchmark profile for a successful salesperson using the McQuaig Job Survey®. Profile effective salespeople to capture common behaviours. Clients can even profile non-performing salespeople to see their common traits! Where there are no existing salespeople to profile there is a process for the stakeholders to agree the priorities and types of behaviour required.

Learn out how psychometric testing can improve the effectiveness of your sales team. Call us on 0203 111 9292 for a free trial of the McQuaig Psychometric System.

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