The McQuaig Job Fit Interview Guide

Sample Report - Job Fit Interview GuideWhat is it the McQuaig Job Interview Guide?

The McQuaig Job Fit Interview Guide is a practical report to help managers interview better.

Download a sample report.

The report includes:

  • Pre-interview checklist
  • 1 hour interview structure
  • Candidate-job comparison
  • Tips for a successful interview
  • Post-interview checklist

Why use it?

The Job Fit Interview Guide provides a list of targeted, role specific interview questions to draw examples from the candidate’s past experience.

It will help:

  • Structure an interview
  • Keep candidate questioning consistent
  • Ensure interview notes are recorded
  • Provide behavioural-based questions

This tool provides a way to ensure consistent interview practice. Questions are tailored to the candidate. This is based on their McQuaig Word Survey profile and the behavioural needs of the role.

Many interviews rely solely on competency based questions. This report enables you to integrate key behavioural competencies as well.

Who completes it?

The interviewer will complete the Job Fit Interview Guide.

A unique Job Fit Interview Guide is generated for each candidate. The interviewer can make their notes in the space provided. This is good practice and demonstrates fairness and consistency across all candidates.

Download a sample report.

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