Unlimited Access Package

McQuaig Unlimited Access

Think of it as a site licence based on headcount. Whether that be a factory, a department spread over three floors, a team spread across the country…or your whole organisation.

You can try the System for free at any time.

If your business has 30 people or one million people, McQuaig Unlimited Access is for you, your team, your organisation.

It will help you benchmark, recruit, develop and retain your stars. And because you only need to budget once per year, even your Finance Director will love it!

You’ll always get more value from us. More included reports than anyone else. More included options for recruitment and development. More on-hand expertise.

The Unlimited Access package includes:

The McQuaig Word Survey®

  • Personality profiling tool
  • 10 different reports

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test® (formerly McQuaig Occupational Test®)

  • Speed of thought ability test

The McQuaig Job Survey®

  • Internal benchmarking and job definition tool
  • 6 different reports

The McQuaig Job Analysis™

  • Discussion document to encourage consensus on job definition

The McQuaig Self-Development Survey™

  • In-depth Self development and coaching report

The McQuaig Job-Fit Interview Guide

  • Structured interview questions, profile and report

– Training for 2 people in year one and then 1 person every subsequent year: Level 1 and Level 2 McQuaig Interpreter

– Unlimited support from our Associates.

How can I use my Unlimited Access Package?

Any way you want – it is up to you! You can assess every candidate invited to interview as well as all internal staff.

There is no fear of running out of budget halfway through the year or having to save ‘credits’ to use at second interview, you will never run out of credits.

Over 90% of users have an Unlimited Access Package because they find it easy to budget and it is great value. It becomes cheaper the more you use it!

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