Yet another blog about The Apprentice…

With the new series of The Apprentice comes the inevitability of 1,000 blogs from various angles:

  • 5 sales tips from The Apprentice
  • 5 sales ‘not-to-do’s’ from The Apprentice
  • 5 tips for hiring great candidates…from The Apprentice

So what could my blog be about? 5 tips to manage the candidates from The Apprentice? Why Psychometric Testing should be used to pick candidates for The Apprentice? Nah, I’m going turn it on its head and give you 5 reasons why everyone should want Lord Sugar as a boss:

  1. Beetroot is all you need: Lord Sugar started by boiling and selling beetroot from a market stall. How many of the candidates this year started on a market stall? He, better than most, understands the value of a pound.
  2. Fair enough is good enough: For all his hype as a grump he sees through the bravado and ego. The winner every year is someone who puts business before themselves and the task before the champagne.
  3. He listens: Nick and Karen. Enough said.
  4. You know where you stand: Lord Sugar doesn’t dilly-dally. If he’s happy you’ll know. If he’s not, you’ll be in the taxi.
  5. The future’s bright: Lord Sugar only moves in one direction and if you’re up to it, he’ll take you with him.


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