What are Psychometric Tests all about?

What are Psychometric Tests all about?

What if we understood what inspires us at work? What if employers always filled jobs with people whose personality strengths met the attributes needed for success?

Wouldn’t the workplace be better?

Psychometric testing provides an objective way to measure our behavioural traits.

We tend to know if our qualifications and experience meet those required for a job. What about traits such as ability, temperament and character?

Let’s take temperament for example. It is not a learned behaviour and cannot be changed with practice. We can (for a time) modify our natural temperament and act in a way better suited for a job. Over time however, this becomes stressful, induces low morale and could even result in a change of job.

A psychometric test measures different parts of personality to create a profile. These traits tend to be fixed before we start our first job and the profile will help identify what type of role we are best suited for.

Understanding what makes us tick can help us to develop our strengths and manage our weaknesses. It can also help us make better career choices. Knowing our core makeup (dominant, sociable, risk taking…) will allow us to find job roles that value these traits rather than seeing them as a weakness.

For the employer, psychometric testing will improve their chances of getting the right person in the right job. It will also show them how best to motivate and develop employees.

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