The Recruitment Process in 2016

In the McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey of 2016 we were eager to understand the strategies that companies use to successfully hire new candidates and any factors impacting on this success.

One interesting finding was that only 30% of respondents do not use social media for recruitment purposes. The US and Canada use it the most (78%) and Australia uses it the least (57%). The commonest use, by 58% of respondents using social media, was posting jobs on LinkedIn. We also found that the most effective companies reported that in 58% of cases they search for candidates on LinkedIn.

The Recruitment Process

Unfortunately, when it comes to the interview process, insufficient effort is placed into training to help managers interview effectively. Just 40% reported that their hiring managers are excellent interviewers, and only 42% said that such managers get interview training. This is worryingly 10% lower than last year’s figures. However, as the interview comprises 72% of the hiring decision, it’s concerning that many managers simply do not have the training to interview effectively. As might be expected, 52% of companies with good leaders offer interview training, compared to 19% of ineffective leaders. Only 30% of leaders of the ineffective group thought their managers were well equipped to assess candidates.

The practice of not providing training for recruitment is likely to be costly and damaging for organisations. The McQuaig Psychometric System can help rectify this, providing managers with the skills to help them interview and assess candidates effectively, to avoid making expensive hiring mistakes.

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