Course Information

Duration: 1-day open course OR 2 x 3 hour online sessions

Course Size: Maximum 12 participants

Price: £410 + VAT (classroom) / £300 + VAT (online only, 2 x 3 hour sessions)

More Information: Contact us for in-house course prices

* Formerly known as the Level 1 McQuaig Certificate

Who should attend a Level 1 McQuaig Foundation?

Anyone in charge of recruits, or who manages or develops staff using McQuaig. This course is ideal for anyone administering the McQuaig and those requiring basic interpretation skills.

If you are planning to continue to Level 2 Accredited McQuaig Interpreter training then you need to complete this course as a pre-requisite. If you are going to become a McQuaig Accredited Trainer you will also need to take this course.

The Level 1 McQuaig Foundation is really useful for HR Directors and Managers as well as line managers in all areas of an organisation.

Course objectives:

What you will learn in Level 1 McQuaig Foundation:

What to expect:

The Level 1 McQuaig Foundation gives an introduction to McQuaig. The day focuses on the practical application of the System and includes basic interpretation to a Level 1 Foundation standard.

A certified McQuaig Trainer will lead your Level 1 McQuaig Foundation in person. You will then receive a bound workbook with punch out cards to help you remember the key concepts of Interpretation, profile types and trait descriptors.

The Level 1 McQuaig Foundation is a qualification issued in conjunction with The McQuaig Institute.

This workshop includes an open book assessment and requires pre-work.

Level 1 McQuaig Foundation Course Dates

Level 1 McQuaig Foundation Online

This workshop is also run in two online parts over the course of two days. Delegates must attend book and both parts to achieve the qualification. The total cost of both online parts is £300 + VAT.

Please get in touch if you have any questions  about online training.

Level 1 McQuaig Foundation Online Dates

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