About the McQuaig certification programme

About the McQuaig certification programme

The McQuaig certification programme qualifies users in how to use, interpret and understand The McQuaig Psychometric System.

The certification programme is split into four elements:

Level 1 McQuaig Certificate (see more)

The day focuses on the practical application of the System and includes basic interpretation to a Level 1 Certificate standard. This is a easy starting place to learn basic interpretation skills and how to administer the McQuaig Psychometric System.

Level 2 McQuaig Interpreter (see more)

Level 2 training will qualify you as a McQuaig Interpreter.

The course will give you a better understanding of The McQuaig Word Survey® and how to use it in everyday situations.  This is a great course that delves deeper into interpretation. Your status as a McQuaig Interpreter is globally recognised by The McQuaig Institute.

Training venues and materialsMcQuaig Psychometric System training at West One

All McQuaig training is held either on-site at client offices or at quality venues such as the Henley Business School in the South East, Ettington Chase in the Midlands and West One in central London.

Free wifi, lunch and refreshments are included at all the public course venues. Every participant will receive a training and reference manual.

The Science behind the training

Major psychometric instruments in the UK should be registered with the BPS and PTC to prove it passes all the benchmarks laid down by the European Federation of Psychologists Association (EFPA).

The McQuaig Psychometric System has been reviewed in depth by the BPS been awarded the ‘Quality Mark’ from the Psychological Testing Centre (PTC).

The training programmes build on the decades of research behind the McQuaig Psychometric System. See more here.

Iain Chalmers, the McQuaig Psychometric SystemAbout the author:

Iain Chalmers is Managing Director of Holst. Holst are European Distributors of the McQuaig Psychometric System. To contact Iain email iainchalmers@holstgroup.co.uk

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