10 Interviewing Mistakes – The Must-Have Infographic

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your interviewing techniques.

Perhaps you’ve been stung by a bad hire that could have been weeded out at the interview stage. Or maybe you oversold a role and your new hire walked out shortly after on-boarding.

Even the most experienced interviewers and hiring managers need to refresh and renew their approach.

Think about your last interviews.  Did you really thoroughly read the CV in detail?  Were you unduly influenced by the outward appearance of the candidate or the leisure interests you shared? Maybe you were so under pressure to hire that just about anybody with a pulse would do.

Download our ’10 Common Interviewing Mistakes’ infographic. It’s perfect to help you stay on track during the recruitment and selection process.

[more-info]Download the Infographic[/more-info]

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