The Benefits of Using McQuaig for HR Professionals

  • Easy to administer
  • Straightforward reports for line managers to understand
  • Based on over five decades of scientific research
  • Encourages best practice across your organisation
  • Hire the right people and retain them
  • Effective professional development solution

McQuaig brings objectivity to your hiring decisions. It provides a solid foundation on which to build your hiring processes, allowing your hiring managers to go beyond the CV and test scores of their candidates. By using McQuaig, they will make more reliable and cost effective hiring decisions.

McQuaig helps to reduce bias and filter out unsuitable candidates. It also helps to improve self-awareness in your hiring managers and avoid that age-old problem of hiring in their own image.

Be confident in knowing that McQuaig is based on over five decades of ongoing scientific research and development. McQuaig is deeply embedded in organisations throughout the world and sits at the heart of their recruitment and development processes. 


Define the Needs of the Role with McQuaig

McQuaig isn’t just as assessment of your candidates. Use McQuaig to assess and determine the needs of the role through stakeholder collaboration. This brings teams and managers together to make accurately identify what success looks like.

With a clear profile HR and hiring managers can work together to identify candidates which match the needs of the role, rather than based on shared life experiences or the ‘old school tie’ network. 

Interview Guide

Structure your Interviews with McQuaig

Interviews that go ‘off-piste’ are the bane of an HR Professional’s work-life. McQuaig help your keep your interviewers on track and on target – that is to identify the right candidate for the role.

McQuaig uniquely measures your candidates in both the ‘Real’ and the ‘Situational’. Extreme situations either at work (e.g. poor line manager) or at home (e.g. bereavement or house more) may lead to your candidate adjusting their behaviour. McQuaig arms our interviewer with the questions to delve into this and make the best possible decision.

McQuaig for Professional Development

While McQuaig is an excellent tool for recruitment and selection, it is much more than that.

Use the McQuaig Self-Development Survey™ and the McQuaig 360 Leadership Review to embed a culture of professional development in your teams from entry level to C-suite. 

Interview Guide
Interview Guide

Show ROI on your Investment in McQuaig

We want to help you demonstrate your ROI on your investment in McQuaig. That’s why you have a dedicated account manager from the team at Holst to implement McQuaig into your organisation.

Your account manager will work with you to make the most out of your investment and support McQuaig users in your teams.