Your True Leadership Story – Part 2

In this concluding second part, we look at the language you need to give a compelling picture of your true leadership story.

Describing your temperament in the language of traits 

To match personalities with the psychological demands of the workplace, The McQuaig Institute has developed four trait scales. These four scales work as a tool for HR management best practices and can be used to improve overall organisational effectiveness.

Identifying the pattern in which you fall within these trait scales gives you the vocabulary to describe your temperament. It also provides you with a robust framework for understanding how you skillfully cope in different situations.

To cultivate the skill of self-awareness, leaders must ask themselves two fundamental questions:

  • How do I think other people see me in my current role?
  • What am I really like?

The traits you choose in response will fall within the four trait scales. Each one is like a spectrum. You can review each scale to help you determine where you fall on each one, thereby determining your overall temperament.

Tell your leadership story 

Your personal leadership story is much deeper than a simple plot of what’s happened throughout your career and when. It reveals to an interviewer a behavioural pattern or style, where your temperament showcases your unique mix of traits.

Use the vocabulary of your traits—such as risk taking or accommodation, relationship building or fact-finding, patience or restlessness, organisation or spontaneity—to demonstrate a high level of self-awareness and leadership qualities that will flourish once you’ve been given a chance to shine.

The McQuaig Psychometric System is a simple, accurate talent assessment system that helps organisations and employees understand the role of temperament in the workplace. It empowers individuals to showcase their traits to create a truly compelling leadership story. Business owners, HR personnel and hiring managers gain the solutions to hire, retain and develop the right people.

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