The State of Talent Recruitment

Talent recruitment is as challenging as ever, as can be seen in the results of the McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey of 2016.

Sixty-two per cent of respondents agreed with the statement that, “It is hard to find a cultural fit”. This is further supported by 53% reporting that new hires are most likely to fail in their new role because their attitude or personality is not suited to the job. Candidates do not typically fail in new roles because of a lack of skills. In fact the study identified that only one in five does not succeed for this reason.

To address issues in attracting suitable talent, the McQuaig Institute survey reported that 56% of respondents now redefine job criteria so that those that may not have technical skills but have the potential to develop them, are included and can be considered for roles. This is an increasingly popular approach. 10% more report that they are trying this method compared to the 2015 survey. In more than half of those that participated (53%) organisations were investing in the training of existing employees, to build up talent from within.

Interestingly, just over a third (38%) were examining new or previously untried recruitment practices. Yet thirty per cent of participants had no plans to take any action to address the problems faced in talent management.

For those organisations that do want to take action to increase the success of their new hires, the McQuaig Psychometric System can help. We specialise in assisting organisations recruit more effectively through personalised interview guides, 1-on-1 consulting and psychometric testing. All of which helps to increase the chance of finding the right fit and reduce expensive recruitment errors.

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