The Role of Psychometrics in Coaching

Performance and executive coaching are high on the list of priorities for small to medium sized companies who are focusing on growing their business by developing their teams to fulfil the growing needs of their organisation.

Coaching sessions are being utilised in three key areas at present:
1.high-potential employees who are keen to undertake self-development programmes
2.leadership training for managers owners who are looking to develop effective communications and effective skills training during periods of change.

To gain an understanding of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses psychometric tests need to be carried out to help with personality mapping. Other key areas to understand is how those being assessed communicate with people around them.

This is normally done with a “Do’s” and “Don’ts” section as part of a personality mapping; moving forward this can be critical to any self-development programme. Areas such as how they communicate with their peers, direct line reports and suppliers can have (both a positive and negative) impact on their behaviour.

Fast growing companies are often managed by younger managers with clear talents in specific areas but are concerned by their lack of experience in certain areas. Coaching can play a critical part to their self-development which will ultimately have a long term, positive impact on their business.

Psychometric profiling systems such as The McQuaig System have been widely used as a flexible tool to continue to support career coaching as fresh aptitudes are discovered.  Behaviours can play a fundamental part in their development such as motivational behaviours and problem solving.

Coaching an existing team in order to unlock a company’s potential is not right for every organisation as a company needs to acquire new skills.  However, 75% of the UK’s main employers are now using some form of psychometric test in order to weed out the good from the bad in a recruitment process giving some indication on the importance of getting it right in the first place.