Steering Clear of the First Day Jitters

Did you know that 15% of new hires consider quitting on their very first day? When you consider what many new employees experience it becomes somewhat less surprising.

Perhaps it’s the lack of a desk or computer. And maybe twinned with a busy team member doing their job and trying to train at the same time. It’s easy for a new hire to question why they moved at all. This lack of attention and organisation presents a clear message to the new employee. That message is that no one has thought through their arrival. Not a good start.

It’s rather dispiriting to a new person at best. At worst, failing to make the most of the first day means that an important chance to make a good impression as well as set clear expectations for behaviour can be missed.

Packed with guidance and tips, our new onboarding eBook explains how to improve the Day One process for optimal results. For starters, we believe that with McQuaig profiles in hand, the new hire and manager can study each other’s profiles to help build a stronger relationship. If the new employee can gain an insight to the manager’s approach then the new employee is better placed to understand how to work effectively with them. The manager can personalise the experience for the new hire by understanding how to best communicate with them to achieve the right results.

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