Search for a Star

In the first in a new series on sales recruiting for Winning Edge magazine, IAIN CHALMERS reveals some of the factors that will increase your chances of getting your next hire right.

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Every business has strong sales performers. They are usually the highest revenue producers and have the respect of the whole company. The recurrent issue is: “How can we find another Jane” or “I wish I could have an army of Bobs”.

Before the recession, recruitment was an activity that took a lot of time and was accepted as an ‘ongoing process’. These days it is a much more critical function — you simply cannot afford to get it wrong. It will cause so many tangible and intangible problems that the cost will be huge, although it is often difficult to quantify.

The solution is all about reducing the risks of a bad hire. A number of simple steps using a combination of common sense, experience and psychometric assessment will reduce the chances of getting it wrong significantly.

Download the article here

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