Restructuring – Do You Really Know Your People?


During  the last recession I was the Managing Director of the subsidiary of a very large North American multi-national.  As we looked at the tough marketplace we were aware that standing still was not an option.  However in restructuring and reorganisation the key question is how well do you really know your people?

You know how they are performing now.  However, if they are performing well do you know why?   If you restructure and reorganise do they have the natural aptitude in temperament to succeed in a new role or team?  Do you know what that newly defined role/team actually needs in terms of the behaviour requirements?  As a client I found The McQuaig System™ absolutely invaluable in this.

Before taking the System on we had moved very successful people into new roles and then were surprised that their performance was poor.  After taking on McQuaig we used The McQuaig Job Survey® to create benchmark profiles for the role.  Critically we were then able to objectively match people’s natural strengths, using the McQuaig Word Survey®, to the requirements of the role.  Now we understood why certain people had failed in their new roles despite success in their previous roles.

What we also discovered of course was that there were other people in the organisation with hidden potential.  They perhaps were not a particularly good match for their current role and therefore wouldn’t have been classified as a top performer.  They were, however, an excellent match for some of the newly redefined roles and became some of our stars.

Even if someone has worked with you for a long time, and been very successful, it is easy to lose sight of why they are successful and identify if this is transferrable into new roles.