Lies, Damn Lies and CVs – How to Protect Yourself


The resignation of Boris Johnson’s Deputy Mayor has highlighted the critical importance of not simply accepting CVs at face value but checking and verifying them. Recent research by The Risk Advisory Group says that over 20% of CVs contain lies and over 50% have more than one “inaccuracy”! 

It has often been said that “a CV is the edited highlights of someone’s career.”  And of course those highlights might also have been augmented-as recently seen with Lee in the Apprentice where four months at University turned into two years on his CV.
Three things you can do:

Check people’s CVs and qualifications either yourself or through accessing effective services such as those provided by The Risk Advisory Group.

Introduce some objectivity into the process by using a psychometric tool like The McQuaig System™.

Always ask for and check up on references

Taking these steps can bring some objectivity to overcome any over excitement caused by an “outstanding” CV and a probably very well prepared candidate!

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