Leadership and Talent Recruitment

Research shows that good leadership and talent recruitment is critical to business success. However, in the 2016 McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey, only 25% of HR professionals ranked their leaders as being “very effective”.

61% described their leaders as “somewhat effective” and 14% as “ineffective”. This is concerning. It means that 75% of people feel they are being led by people who do a adequate to poor job. It also has implications for retaining talent. On the bright side, new leaders do get leadership training in almost two-thirds of cases (62%). But given the way that staff rate their leaders, the effectiveness of this training is doubtful.

In fact, in almost 40% of cases there is no leadership training at all for new leaders. This may explain some of the very poor ratings that leaders were assigned in our survey. Interestingly, our study showed that where new leaders do receive leadership training, 79% of them ranked as “very effective”. Where people are not trained, only 38% of the leaders are considered effective.

In companies with strong leaders, 53% of managers were likely to have had interview training. Companies with “very effective” leaders are also likely to have a succession plan. This was true in 73% of cases. It suggests a vicious cycle of poor leadership which organisations must break if they are to succeed.

It’s hard to find and retain good leaders. A McQuaig personality profile identifies whether a candidate has leadership skills. It confirms whether they are the right fit too. Our support also helps ensure your recruitment process is effective to avoid expensive mistakes. Guaranteed.

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