Growing Importance of Psychometric Testing

Growing Importance of Psychometric Testing

Discussions on recession and post recession are still high on everyone’s agenda and the effects this will continue to have on companies across the UK.  A critical factor for many organisations over the coming months will be staff retention.

Whilst reports suggest the economy is growing there are still a significant number of candidates per role and those that are in existing positions are now facing a more certain future. This is resulting in greater opportunities for those who may be seeking a change in their career making employer engagement a critical factor to success.

Psychometric testing can be used as a development tool to identify fresh aptitudes that may not have been identified to date. This has been of relevance in an economy where teams have changed due to the economic climate and employees have been required to take on new skills to support their organisation through a lean period. Indeed recent reports in the press have suggested that before the recession one in four people left a position within six months of joining a firm which shifted to 50% within a two year period.

However, we are now in a period where the employers’ accountability has shifted as we mentioned earlier, from consolidation to that of self-development programmes for staff members who are showing an aptitude to take on new skills in order to gain more senior positions.

The next few months will be an interesting time for many organisations with an election, budgetary implications and the greater movement in the employment market – HR departments and managers will need to ensure that employer engagement is high on their list.