Focus on Recruitment Channels

Finding talent has become an increasingly diverse task. In the McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey of 2016 we discovered that of all the recruitment channels, online job boards are the most popular approach of all.

82% of firms reported that they use this source to find candidates. Employee referrals are also very popular, with 74% of companies using this source.

Despite the fact that employee referrals are used less by employers they are considered to be the channel that provides the highest quality candidates. 33% of respondents felt this way, compared to 31% who felt that online job boards offer the best candidates. Nonetheless, the number of companies finding high quality candidates on online job boards doubled compared to last year’s survey.

Interestingly, companies that were rated as having very effective leaders were more likely to use many sources to find good candidates during the recruitment process. The use of social recruitment activities was also found higher among very effective leaders. In general, companies with effective leaders were identified to be more likely to find quality candidates through employee referrals and social networking approaches. One reason for this is greater employee engagement in companies with more effective leaders. On the other hand, ineffective leaders were more likely to report finding the best quality candidates through agencies.

Developing an effective recruitment strategy can be challenging with so many channels to choose from, but McQuaig can help. Contact us to find out how we can help you to devise a recruitment strategy that helps you to find and retain the best quality employees.

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