Does your team need Psychometric Testing?

team dynamicsDoes your team need Psychometric Testing?

Figuring out team dynamics is tricky business. If unsaid issues seem to plague your work group, psychometric testing may be the key to understanding what you can do to improve team performance.

What is Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric tests are performance tests that measure such attributes as knowledge, attitudes, education, personality traits, natural abilities and the like. Although different testing advocates have different testing and measurement techniques, most tests involve:

  • Cognitive tests to measure intellectual attributes such as mechanical, spatial, verbal and numerical reasoning.
  • Personality tests to measure psychological attributes such as emotional intelligence, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness.

Different tests can be used for different professional profiles, so tests can be fine-tuned for different purposes. For instance, you would probably expect someone who scores high on extroversion and agreeableness to be a successful sales person, while someone who scored low in those areas might be better-suited to a less social role. If you have a low-performing salesperson on your team, it could just be that they’re not in a role that optimises their strengths.

How Psychometric Testing can give insight into your team

Psychometric testing involves creating in-depth profiles that can help you understand the individual personalities, ambitions, strengths and dynamics of each person on your team. Therefore, it can help you understand your team dynamics too.

If it seems like your group projects always end in personality conflicts and battles of will, psychometric measurements can help you understand your team members and help your team members understand themselves.

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