Are you expecting candidate numbers to increase as unemployment rises?


This is a question I asked my network on LinkedIn last week. The response, in some ways, was unsurprising but, as in most polls, there is some interesting data to be drawn.

1. 90% responded ‘yes’ to the question. As expected, most businesses are expecting more candidates.
2. Business leaders see things differently. 100% of business leaders and ‘C-Level’ roles (CEO, CFO, CTO etc) expect it to rise. Management and other positions weren’t so sure.
3. Small businesses aren’t worried. 100% of respondents from Enterprise, Large and Medium sized businesses think candidate numbers will increase. Only those in small businesses think they will stay the same or decrease.
4. Does HR know something we don’t? Out of 6 job functions, HR was the only area to say they thought candidate numbers will decrease. Is HR’s finger off the pulse?