2016 McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Report

The McQuaig Institute recently surveyed over 400 HR professionals worldwide to take a pulse of talent acquisition efforts. This year the focus was on the impact of leadership on talent recruitment.

Effective leadership is a hot topic. Rarely a day goes by without the HR press linking leadership with the organisational performance. The 2016 McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Report examines the impact that effective and ineffective leadership has on the ability to attract and retain talent in the current environment.

Download the complete report to discover what the global HR community told us.

The state of talent recruitment.

  • Finding cultural fit.
  • Why new hires fail.
  • Investment in recruiting systems & processes.

Leadership and talent recruitment.

  • Leadership development.
  • Succession planning & management.
  • The traits of effective leaders.
  • How organisation size relates to effective leadership.

Recruiting channels.

  • Which channels do recruiters prefer to use.
  • Which deliver the highest quality candidates.
  • The influence of effective vs ineffective leaders on recruiting channels.

Social recruiting.

  • How organisations use social media to attract candidates.
  • How organisations with effective leaders engage social media channels for recruitment.

Hiring managers & the interview.

  • Interview training for hiring managers.
  • The effect of leadership on hiring managers & the interview process.

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