The McQuaig Mental Agility Test®
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McQuaig Occupational Test

You may know that the McQuaig Occupational Test has a new name: The McQuaig Mental Agility Test® (MMAT).

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test® has the same content as the McQuaig Occupational Test. However, its new name is a true reflection of what the test measures: Mental Agility.

The MMAT consists of a mixture of 50 numerical and literacy reasoning questions in a maximum time of 15 minutes. It can be completed online at any time or on paper in the interview setting.

The aim of the test is to help you get beneath the surface of your candidates. A well-constructed and presented CV may look marvellous. But how do you know it is all the work of your candidate? There are plenty of resume writers out there, not to mention friends or family, who could be responsible for its accuracy. And what about those CVs which are, let’s say, embellished?

Speed of Thought

In addition, a CV or interview cannot truly measure speed of thought. There are just too many variables! The MMAT’s 50 questions allow you to measure candidates not only against each other, but also against what you consider appropriate for the job role.

Most job roles require a degree of mental agility and accuracy. Some more than others. Leadership roles, and those with high technical requirements obviously need high scorers. But, high scorers may not be suitable for roles where the tasks are less demanding. Quick, accurate thinkers may appear highly attractive candidates in the short term for these roles. But you run the risk of them getting bored in the medium to longer term. And unless you have a plan to move these thinkers up the ladder, that’s not great for employee retention.

The online MMAT gives you a report which outlines the strengths and weaknesses in your candidates. Perhaps even though their score is good overall, they may show a preference for literacy over numeracy or vice versa. This is something you can explore further in interview. You might also find correlation in their education results. If your role requires a high level of numerical accuracy, you could consider further evaluation before you make a decision to even invite them to interview.

On a personal level, the MMAT is a great way to find out if you need to sharpen up your own mental agility!

About The McQuaig Psychometric System

The McQuaig Psychometric System works at its optimum, when you use all the components together. Use the Job Survey® to define your role. Then use The Word Survey® to match candidates against your benchmark.  The MMAT allows you to evaluate their speed of thought and accuracy. And finally, the Self-Development Survey™ gives you the framework to enable your candidate, now valued team member, to grow within your organisation. This means you keep your talent happy, your productivity high and your costs low.