Tips to Catch out CV Cheats

Lying on CVs can be very costly, as Craig Taylor of Belton recently found out when he was jailed for faking “facts”. Yet this doesn’t put off many candidates. Lies may be found in 63% of CVs according to research by the Risk Advisory Group in 2015.

Download the Infographic: Tips to Catch Out CV Cheats


What should you look out for in a CV or cover letter to avoid making a hiring mistake based on untruths?

Studies by the Higher Education Degree Datacheck shows that a third of people lie about their qualifications on their CV. Keep a look out for anything that doesn’t seem quite right, and double check if unsure.

Time out

In Taylor’s case it turned out he had lied about an earlier conviction. Look out for gaps in the CV or time out that is not explained.

Grand job titles

A common area for CV lies was found to be job titles. Look at the finer detail of the job. Was it really a manager role? Be sure to question the candidate on suspect titles that don’t add up.

Job experience

People like to big up their experience. Ask behavioural questions or use psychometric assessment to provide the right questions that will help pick out lies.


Look out for education or training courses which seem too short or multiple job roles in rapid succession.  Were they really promoted from trainee to manager in 3 months?

Always take time to check a CV properly and clarify key points with candidates. Use the McQuaig Psychometric System to make a better hiring decision based on the truth and beat the CV cheats.

Download the infographic: Tips to Catch Out CV Cheats

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