The Job Description Is Essential for Effective Succession Planning

If you have discovered that there are gaps between how you are hiring employees, their actual skills and how that measures up against expected performance, welcome to the importance of a job description.

Essentially, a job description helps an organisation also develop job requirements, goals and a vision for an entire department. As employees develop high potential through strategic skills, you add specific tasks to their workload and their department. Generally, these skills and job requirements are the fundamental drivers of your organisation in its quest for profits or success.

Succession planning requires this critical first step to be in place before you can even consider planning for the gaps left by executives leaving. If you do not know what they do, how can you hire to replace them?

Understanding how to replace every position with a person that can fill 70-80% of the core competencies in the position is the only way you will be effective in any long-term goal for succession planning.

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