High Potential: Discover Your Leaders Within

Too often, businesses hire from outside and disrupt the critical cohesiveness of a team. Just as often, businesses promote someone from within without high potential. Do you measure internal employees’ high potential?

This critical metric for promotion can be the difference between successful internal promotions and critical failures that affect your company for years to come. You should certainly focus on promotions within as it can be a much more rewarding process for employees to grow within a company. Just be sure you promote the right candidates in the process.

High potential is often confused with job capability. If you are looking to promote to fill managerial or executive roles, personality traits and characteristics are often more important than a person’s knowledge base and skills. Managers are usually people leaders, thought drivers and natural motivators.

Our advice? Get it right from the very start with a perfect job description. Then use psychometric assessment to discover an employee’s temperament for leadership before you promote them.

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