What leadership style do your people want?

leadership style

Democratic or Autocratic? Or somewhere in between? What leadership style do your people want?

Rajeev Peshawaria recently asked the question, do we prefer leaders who are more like dictators? He went on to discuss the pros and cons of each. But the question of how to find out what your people do want remains.

It’s really hard to ask people what they want in a leader. Or at least, it’s hard for them to give an authentic answer. Fear of saying the wrong thing, fear of reprisal for honesty or simply because the question is just too big.

leadership style

But what if there was a series of small questions linked to the leader’s behaviour? Where the answers were on a sliding scale from ‘much less’ to ‘much more’. And where the reviewer has the opportunity to explain their answer in a really constructive way? Where a full range of people contribute, from direct reports to senior leaders? What if there was a true 360 review designed with a 21st century mindset with the sole focus of developing great leaders in your organisation?

Good news. There is.

It’s the McQuaig 360 Leadership Review and it’s available to McQuaig Psychometric System users now*. Used in conjunction with the McQuaig Word Survey, the McQuaig 360 gives an unrivalled leadership development framework based on eight professionally recognised leadership competencies. The leader receives a clear and concise report with instantly actionable takeaways. All written in plain, jargon-free language.

The McQuaig 360 is not about point-scoring or setting impossible goals. Our mantra is Review. Don’t Score. We want to help you celebrate what your leaders do well, and really help them progress in areas which are more challenging.

It couldn’t be easier to try the McQuaig 360 Leadership Review for free. Call the team on 0203 111 9292 or drop a line to hello@weareholst.com.


*The McQuaig 360 Leadership Review is available to non-McQuaig Psychometric System users from January 2018.

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