Psychometric Test ExamplesThere’s a good reason why the term ‘psychometric test examples’ ranks high on a Google search. Psychometric tests can be daunting.

The McQuaig Psychometric System is a great example of a psychometric test. You will find plenty of information on this site about what it is, why you might use and whom it is good for.

Perhaps you have arrived on this page because you are about to take a test. Perhaps you hope to find psychometric test examples to help you get the best score. Maybe you are doing some good research to set yourself up for success.  If you have been asked to complete a McQuaig assessment you might want to visit our candidate section.

Here is a summary of some of our tools as psychometric test examples:

If you have been asked to complete a McQuaig Word Survey, we can put your mind at rest about the McQuaig Psychometric System. There are no right or wrong answers. It is all you. How you see yourself and how you think others see you.

Secondly, the McQuaig Word Survey doesn’t seek to judge whether you are employable. It just helps a recruiter understand what makes you tick and how you prefer to behave. Wouldn’t you prefer to work in an environment where you can behave comfortably rather than be constantly out of your comfort zone? The McQuaig Word Survey helps you and your recruiter discover whether the job role will suit you in the long term.

A quick search online will deliver offers to help you improve your psychometric test scores. We believe your best strategy is simply to be your own honest self.

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test is different. This is series of questions that test how quickly you think and how accurate you are. It’s not A-level maths but it does look at how you solve simple numerical and word problems. There’s no such thing as a pass mark though. Recruiters may look for a minimum score for the job role, but it’s also important how you complete the test. While the answers are black & white, how you answer tells a recruiter even more.  Our big tip here is to always and carefully read the instructions.

Considering using a psychometric tool in your organisation?

Please contact the team on 0203 111 9292 or We’d be delighted to provide a free team trial of the McQuaig Psychometric System. It’s really important to us that what we do delivers value to your organisation. It’s always about making the most of your people and we’ve been doing that since 1984.