Using the McQuaig Psychometric System with remote teams

Using the McQuaig Psychometric System with remote teamsremote teams from McQuaig Psychometric System from Holst

Maintaining selection standards for new recruits can be a difficult task when a company has its operations spread all over the country and even the world.

It’s not always practical for the Human Resources department to constantly travel to keep discipline in the recruitment process. As a result, standards can vary from operation to operation. This is even more difficult when those remote teams are overseas.

This is where an online psychometric system excels. It enables the HR Department to carefully define the type of behaviours required to succeed in a role and gives a level control to the central HR Department, even when the interviewers work apart from them.

  • Central HR – Use a McQuaig Job Survey to set behavioural benchmarks for different roles within the company and insist interviewers use them when assessing their candidates
  • Each location – Use the online McQuaig Word Survey and compare it to the Job Survey

Then use The Job Fit Interview Guide to create a comparison with guidance on interview questions to probe any minor differences.

For overseas locations the McQuaig Word Survey is available in many languages including Simplified Chinese.

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remote teamsAbout the author: Mike Edwards is an Associate of The McQuaig Psychometric (distributed by Holst). Mike is accredited by The McQuaig Institute to train McQuaig Interpreters, present, consult and give advice on The McQuaig Psychometric System.

Click here to email Mike email or call 0203 111 9292.


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