Psychometric Test UK: What, Where and How?

psychometric test uk

The use of the psychometric personality test, or psychometric assessment test, is on the rise. The high cost of hiring, especially the cost of a bad hire, means that recruiters are under pressure to get every hire the right hire.

That’s a pretty tall order. But psychometrics can play a key role in reducing those hiring errors.

What is psychometric testing?

Firstly, it’s not really a test. There should be no right or wrong, good or bad result. The ‘test’ is actually an assessment of an individual’s personality. However, set this assessment against an ‘ideal for the job’ standard, and you have the information you need to decide whether your candidate is likely to be a good match. It’s not a matter of passing or failing, it’s all about the ‘fit’. Learn more about psychometric assessment here.

Psychometric test UK

So, how can you get hold of a psychometric test? Of course, this is a global business and most providers supply online assessment. In theory, you could choose a provider based anywhere in the world. But not all psychometric tests are equal, you do get what you pay for.

It’s worth being in the same or similar time zone. Consider these scenarios:

  • A tricky profile which may need urgent specialist interpretation
  • Technical glitches (at your end or theirs)
  • Ongoing training
  • Human error (I’ve deleted a candidate/lost my password & need to access assessment now!)

You need to know that’s there is someone ready to help just when you need it.

Look for a test that speaks your language. Not just French, German, Spanish, Chinese, etc. But also International (UK) English versus American (and vice versa) – this can make a significant difference when you need to make a good impression with your candidate.

What benefits are there to using a psychometric test?

We can go on and on about the benefits of psychometric assessment. But in a nutshell, it:

  • Provides a framework for your hiring managers
  • Gets beneath the surface of your candidates
  • Helps to build cohesive teams
  • Plays an integral role in your self-development strategy
  • Saves time and money

How to administer a psychometric test

It couldn’t be simpler to administer a McQuaig psychometric test. It’s all online, with great UK based support. (We are super proud of our reputation for excellent client focus by the way).

Enter your candidate details, select the assessment you want & hit send! The report pings back to you within seconds of your candidate completing it. With the report in your hands, you are in a great position to make great hires. Discover Word Survey tips and more in Resources.

The Mental Agility Test

But there’s more to a candidate than their behaviour or personality traits. You also need to know how accurate they are. The McQuaig Mental Agility Test® uses a mixture of literacy and numeracy reasoning questions to test speed and accuracy of thought.

Again, this is as much assessment as test. While a low score may not appear ideal, a very high score could be just as problematic. It really depends on what the job role needs to deliver success.