We have been in the business of psychometric assessment since 1984. The inability to retain staff has a real a measurable cost to businesses in the UK and around the world. It is widely accepted that it costs at least £8,000 to recruit a new person. In the event they don’t succeed in the role the ‘lost opportunity’ really hits the bottom line. 

A CV is typically a good indicator of whether a person has been successful in past jobs and gained experience.It is not a reliable indicator of future success. A psychometric assessment like McQuaig  gives a hiring manager or recruiter the tools they need to understand a person more completely. McQuaig will also give the recruiter the right questions to ask during the interview process.

There are no right or wrong answers to our psychometric assessment. But it will give you a strong and accurate indication of a person’s preferred behaviours. From here you can decide if they suit the definition of the job. If the job allows them to behave in a natural way then they are more likely to cope effectively with the demands of the role.

Psychometric assessment makes people decisions more objective.

Psychometric assessment goes beyond first impressions.

Some people are convinced they can judge a person by their appearance, speech or gravitas alone. Some people even like to recruit in their own image.

While there’s no doubt that appearance plays a part in whether you instantly like a person or not it has little bearing on how they will perform for you in a role. Think about the most successful conmen (and women). They are likeable, charming and have admirable presence. They are good at achieving an instant bond with their victims and only after they rob you do you realise they are not who or what you thought they were.

Diversity is a big part of an organisation’s success. A psychometric assessment will bring an objective measure to a subjective activity: the measure of people. The right people in the right role will make every difference to day-to-day operations.

Understand the whole person.

McQuaig  helps you understand the whole person. It is so much more than a personality test because humans are more than a set of numbers.

Psychometric Assessment

Recruitment and selection is like a 3-legged stool. You need to get all the right structural elements right or it may topple over at the first sign of pressure.

Each psychometric assessment will measure a different aspect of an individual. Some will focus on specific skills such as numerical ability. Others will look at innate qualities such as temperament. What and how you measure will depend on the needs of the role and organisation.

A Common Question:
I use interviews and other methods; why should I replace them with tests?

You shouldn’t! Psychometrics provide part of the picture. Interviews, for instance, provide information tests can’t reach. Research shows that interviews, references and application forms are very bad at predicting whether people will succeed. Interviews alone lack objectivity because you will be hugely influenced by your prejudices, likes and dislikes without realising it.

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