Great advice for managers: How to build a successful team

How to build a successful team from the McQuaig Psychometric System from HolstGreat advice for managers: How to build a successful team

The key to building or re-establishing successful team starts with the manager. Managers can influence and empower or demoralise and disrupt team members by their own behaviours.

It’s easy for a manager to lose focus.  The urgent need to meet targets can mean that they lose sight on their own professional development – and the development of the team.

How to build a successful team.

By refocussing on three areas the Manager (or perhaps it should be Facilitator) can motivate, improve performance and focus the team. The Manager is enabled to help their teams to achieve results that are way above average.

1. Motivate the team members by working alongside them (facilitate their actions).

Managers often rely too much on hard measures and deadlines to drive performance. Highly effective managers work alongside team members to motivate and reward them through recognition of their personal temperaments and key behaviour preferences.

2. Building the team: Finding and hiring the ‘right’ talent. 

Highly effective managers always look to hire the ‘right’ person available. If you want the ‘right’ person, then hire the ‘right’ person.  This saves time and money on inducting and training while protecting yourself and the team from disappointment three to six months down the road. It’s a significant investment up front, but always pays off over time.

Identify the ‘right’ temperament map for you and your team.  Look for individuals with temperament maps and key behaviours that are already aligned with your existing team.

3. Coaching: On the day – in the moment. 

Coaching is a dynamic often forgotten by managers.  ‘I simply don’t have the time’ is the most common response. Let me say this ‘You simply don’t have the time to ignore it’.

It is the approach, team culture, or whatever you want to call it that is the ‘hidden’ key to a successful team.  Highly effective managers place a high priority on coaching. It builds confidence and focus for their team more effectively than any other activity.

Take every opportunity, scheduled or unscheduled, to provide feedback that will help your team perform better. Understand the individuals preferred behaviour profile and build together a Personal Action Plan to maximise their strengths and identify the ‘right’ development needs.  This supports the individual to grow and develop.  Ultimately it develops the team, and their productivity, as a whole.

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Dave Stent How to build a successful teamAbout the Author: Dave Stent developed an experienced commercial business background before joining the McQuaig team in 2006. He is accredited by The McQuaig Institute to train McQuaig Interpreters, present, consult and give advice on The McQuaig Psychometric System.

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