*You* are the biggest blocker to your own success

When I asked, ‘What stops you from reaching your full potential?’ I received a surprisingly candid response.

The results, from a LinkedIn poll, showed a majority of people see themselves as  the biggest blocker to fulfilling their potential.

Responses to the poll included:

  • “Me and isolation. The loneliness of the long distance runner.”
  • “My mindset: lack of focus and not enough self-belief.”
  • “I am not well disciplined enough and don’t do what I say I’m going to do often enough. In the end it’s all down to you.”
  • “My ability to balance work and other opportunities and commitments. I’m still working on it!”

There are two blockers of personal success – yourself and the role that you are in. If you are not naturally suited to the role then everyday will be a struggle.

I’m sure you have friends who will do anything not to go into work on a Monday morning – a lack of ambition? Maybe. In the wrong role? Probably.

Countless studies shown that a role that suits your natural strengths will help you reach your full potential.

So, here are three steps to start on the road to fulfilling your potential:

  1. Seek out an objective measure of your natural strengths and weaknesses
  2. Look at your role – do the core competences match?
  3. Match your L&D plan to programmes that will develop your natural strengths

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