‘Win/Wins of successful HR’ – what would you include?

As a starter Win/Win #1 – Attract the ‘right’ staff

Easy to say, but as you know not so easy to achieve, so how do you do it? Do you attract prospective staff in job ads? Do you explain a little about the role, more about the organisation and even more about the recruitment process?

Could you do it differently?

Successful recruiting organisations make sure they attract the right person by highlighting temperament traits needed to succeed in the role. They leave out the company name and customise the ad, dependant on the role they are recruiting for.

For instance, how would an ad differ for a Technical Specialist and Salesperson?

Technical Specialist

The right individual will love process and detail. Make sure the ad is very clear as to how they apply for the role & how their application will progress. Ask them to send a detailed CV and gather information about previous roles in preparation for the interview.


The right individual will be restless, goal-oriented and competitive. Make sure the ad is short and to the point. Insert a phone-number instead of a request for CV. Use the phone call as a screening interview and have a series of questions to ask.