Who benefits the most from Psychometric Testing; the employer or the employee?

Who benefits the most from Psychometric Testing; the employer or the employee?

People often wonder who benefits most from psychometric testing, is it the employer or the employee? Wrong question. I believe the question should read “Who benefits from it?” Does it really matter who benefits the most if everybody does?

It’s a given that employers pay for the tests and expect to be able to appoint better-placed people into the organisation; but surely that’s good for employees also? And not just the newbie who gets the right job and enjoys what they’re doing, and thus do it more effectively. That rubs off on colleagues and managers too, so in fact we should extend the idea of benefits, even a morale boost, to anyone with whom they interact including clients and suppliers right through to the canteen staff and the operative who sweeps the floor. Perhaps even the CEO!

Thus, everyone connected with the respondent should see something positive from the tests. But what about my family and friends? My certain view, from experience over many years is that job satisfaction certainly has positive knock-on effects socially just as a bad day at work will often impinge on an individual’s temperament away from work.

Also, a key benefit of profiling is the added attention paid to assessment and selection, all of which goes towards making a better fist of managing and retaining people who can see that these things matter to their employers. Get the right job profile and marry the right person to it and, if you’ve done the same with his or her managers and colleagues, you must thereby improve quality of people appointments and the length of time you retain them.

And this has to lead to the next question, “Does psychometric testing improve quality of life?” I think it does for there’s a saying ….”Give me a job I love and I’ll never work again” … now there’s a starter for a whole new article.

Brian Nicklin from the McQuaig Psychometric SystemAbout the author: Brian Nicklin is an Associate of The McQuaig Psychometric (distributed by Holst).

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