Using online psychometric testing before the interview

Using online psychometric testing before the interview

It is so easy to misjudge people from a CV. Some are written so effectively, they almost guarantee the writer they will get to interview.

One of the most frustrating things when I interviewed people to join my company, was the disappointment, having asked a candidate to travel long distances and paid their expenses, to find they were just not suitable.  I had wasted both my time and theirs.

Their past experience and skills may match your requirements BUT the CV does not provide you with the answer as to whether they will fit your organisation.

The CV provides information as to WHERE they have been and WHAT they have done in the past. It does not provide clues as to HOW they actually did it. What matters to you, once you have established that they CAN do the job, is HOW they will do it.

Having recruited a new employee and after a few months settling in, we then judge:

  • How they motivate themselves and others
  • How they fit into our teams
  • Whether they approach the work in a way that suits colleagues and clients.

To avoid wasting your time interviewing the ‘wrong’ person:

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About the author: Mike Edwards is an Associate of The McQuaig Psychometric (distributed by Holst). Mike is accredited by The McQuaig Institute to train McQuaig Interpreters, present, consult and give advice on The McQuaig Psychometric System.

To contact Mike email or call 0203 111 9292.


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