The McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey 2015

The McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey 2015 Highlights & Insights Report

Earlier this year, The McQuaig Institute surveyed over 450 HR professionals to take a pulse of talent acquisition efforts at organisations across the globe.

The purpose was to identify the current challenges being faced in acquiring and retaining talent, and the steps organisations are taking to address those challenges. Download the complete report to discover what the global HR community told us.

Is There a Talent Shortage?

Dealing with Millennials, the impact on culture, and how companies are coping

Winners & Strugglers

What successful companies are doing differently; from social recruiting strategies to the recruiting process to the best sources for quality candidates.

The Interview

What HR professionals have to say about the interview process and the players involved.

Recruiting Channels

What channels are companies using and where are they getting the best results.

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