The business benefits of psychometric testing

It sounds like marketing spin but we really are asked this question a lot – what are the business benefits of testing?

Psychometric tests sound rather academic but they’re actually ways of making hard-headed business decisions. Psychometric Tests will:

•increase your bottom line

•decrease staff turnover

•identify talent

•create a more efficient organisation.

Psychometric tests sometimes look expensive. A good test might cost you £100 to administer and interpret. But since it may cost you £10,000 in direct costs if you recruit the wrong senior manager (and a lot more in indirect costs) this doesn’t seem too high a price.

Tests will also help companies defend against legal challenges to HR decisions, which might end up in expensive tribunals and court cases.  It’s illegal to discriminate on grounds of:



•sexual orientation

•religious belief


Test results are defensible evidence in court, whereas interviews are open to all sorts of challenges. And, of course, using them will ensure that you are being objective, building a successful, effective, motivated organisation.

Good recruitment and development practice are part of a company’s marketing and brand development. Even a rejected candidate will speak well of a company that’s taken the time to create a professional recruitment process which gives valuable feedback; tests provide that.