The BIG numbers…

The ASTD published some startling numbers about leaders this month:

1. 84% don’t think their interviewers are given guidance to probe further into a candidate’s suitability

Candidates spend a lot of time practising for interviews these days. They have their rehearsed answer and their back-up answer ready. It’s only when you probe again that the good stuff is revealed.

Providing interviewers with questions to ask is simple with a psychometric tool (these are just sample questions). This Interview Guide can be tailored for every role.

2. 76% say they are not sure whether they apply a consistent selection process to all job candidates

From Job Ad to Offer Letter, the process has to be consistent for every candidate interviewed for a role in your organisation. Read this article, championship-material, for more on how to build a steady, consistent selection campaign.

3. 83% do not think their interviewers are trained in interview skills

The cost of recruiting the wrong person is, on average, £10,467 according to the CIPD. The problem that many organisations have is that most of this cost is hidden. It is, however, hitting their bottom line nonetheless.

Take time to train your staff well and support them with a psychometric tool to make sure every candidate is being evaluated on a level playing field.

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