The benefits of psychometric testing in small firms

The benefits of psychometric testing in small firmspsychometric testing in small firms

Many people think psychometric testing only happens in FTSE 100 firms. In reality psychometric testing is simple, cost-effective and quick even for small businesses.

Culture is everything in small businesses. It defines the product & service & you will often find large corporations trying to emulate it. However, this is what gives small businesses an edge over their larger rivals.

Culture is made up of values, attitude and behaviour and in a small business even a slight change in personnel can have a lasting impact on the culture.

So how do you make sure you hire the right person? Here are three tips

  1. Know what you’re looking for
  2. Use ‘big business’ procedures
  3. Eliminate surprises

Know what you’re looking for.

You will probably build a job spec including experience and qualifications. Spend some time thinking about the natural strengths needed for the role. Do they need to be able to build client relationships easily and ‘get things done’? Or do they need an eye for detail and follow routine tasks well?

Psychometric testing can help with a job benchmark.

Use ‘big business’ procedures.

As a company grows, so do its procedures and levels of complexity. As a small business you can pick and choose the bits that are right for you.

Big businesses know that a structured interview gives a much, much better result that an informal chat at the local coffee shop. Set a 1 hour structured interview that focuses on behaviours as well as skills.

Psychometric testing can help with an automated interview guide.

Eliminate surprises.

Prepare for a new employee’s arrival and take time for a proper induction. Start by getting to know the new employee and the strengths they will bring to the role, team and organisation.

Remember, a new employee will have an influence on culture. The more you know about them before they start the better.

In addition, psychometric testing can provide management tips and techniques for managers.

Iain Chalmers, the McQuaig Psychometric System psychometric testing in small firmsIain Chalmers is the Managing Director of Holst (distributor of the McQuaig Psychometric System). To contact Iain email him at or find him on Linkedin

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