Team Stability Leads to Success

Holst may not be quite the size of Apple but we do share the same attitude towards cultural fit and team stability.

Tim Cook recently explained Apple’s attitude towards hiring and on-boarding. The objective is to find diverse individuals who fit the Apple culture and then educate them so that they can go on to truly buy into it.  When the right individuals are ‘bought in’, they stay. It’s all about team stability.

We’re not so different here.  Each one of us was selected and assessed using the McQuaig tools exactly as they are delivered by our clients.  If a candidate doesn’t match the Job Fit profile, it is unlikely they will be selected, however quickly we might need to fill a role.  That sort of hire usually turns out to be a bad hire.

That’s why we are a very stable, successful team in an increasingly transient world.  We like our roles, enjoy working together and are managed as individuals.  As we grow out of our first roles, we are encouraged to meet new challenges that allow us to stretch and develop but remain as a team.

Our stability means that we can get to know our clients and understand their needs.  Our success is based on our drive to deliver the very best service effectively and consistently.

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